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Dressage Training

Our head trainer at Shadow Ridge is Lucia Rapalyea, of Lucia Rapalyea Dressage. Lucia offers dressage training and lessons to riders and their horses of all levels, from beginner to FEI.  Whether you are just looking to enjoy your ride and get a little help, or are interested in serious competition, we can tailor a training program to meet your needs.

While Lucia's specialty is dressage, she welcomes riders of all disciplines.


Training Programs we offer:

Full Training  - $800

Our full training program provides services 5-6 days a week, which can include either lessons or training rides. 


Three-quarter Training - $650

The three-quarter training program provides 4 days of lessons and/or training rides per week.   

Half Training - $450

3 days per week of lessons and/or training rides.


Single lessons without being in training - $65

While never required, Lucia encourages training clients to enjoy dressage competitions, and she and her clients participate in shows throughout Southern California.  The following fees apply for horse shows:


Coaching at Shows - $50 per warm-up plus food & lodging expenses 


Trailering - $1 per mile 

About Lucia - Lucia is a highly respected dressage rider and trainer, who in 2016 earned an invitation to the U.S. Dressage Finals in Kentucky for her I-1 Freestyle with her 13 year old Dutch Warmblood, Amani.  They plan to advance to Grand Prix level competition in 2018.  Lucia is also looking forward to developing her latest prospect, a 3 year old Dutch Warmblood named Journey.

You can read more about Lucia on her website,

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